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Lainey Wilson Signs A Record Deal In Nashville

You’ll Want To Know Nashville’s Lainey Wilson

You’re forgiven if you don’t know the name Lainey Wilson just yet. You’ll want to hitch a ride on her wagon now before it gets too crowded, though. Wilson came through St. Louis to play a show at Tin Roof with Kasey Tyndall back in May as an unsigned artist. Earlier today, it was announced that she has signed a deal with Broken Bow Records under the BBR Music Group. Wilson is the first female signed to the label, which also includes Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Chase Rich and Everette.

Singer-sngwriter Lainey Wilson recently signed with Broken Bow Records.

Singer-sngwriter Lainey Wilson recently signed with Broken Bow Records.

I am ashamed to say that I had never heard of Lainey Wilson a few months ago. I ran across a video of her best friend and roommate Kasey Tyndall singing “Jesus and Joan Jett” during a Song Suffragettes performance in Nashville. I started to look into her more and found out that she had a show in St. Louis coming up. In writing a post about that show, I came across Lainey Wilson. That research turned into this article on Kasey Tyndall and Lainey Wilson playing Tin Roof in downtown St. Louis.

It’s unfortunate that the show at Tin Roof wasn’t promoted more because it was AWESOME. It was easily one of the better shows I’ve seen in awhile. This ladies absolutely rocked it. I won’t be surprised when these two ladies blow up on country radio.

A Trailer In A Nashville Parking Lot

It’s pretty easy to figure Lainey Wilson had one of the most interesting high school jobs. She impersonated Hannah Montana. After high school, she moved to Nashville from her hometown of Baskin, Louisiana. That seems fairly normal, right? Well Lainey brought a camper trailer with her to town and parked it in the parking lot of a recording studio. She wasn’t a squatter though, she had a friend’s permission. She lived in that camper in the parking lot for two years.  And in late 2017, Wilson signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV.

She recounted some of camper trailer memories in an interview from last year.

Bell Bottom Country

After you see Lainey Wilson in concert for the first time, you won’t be surprised to hear that her and Tyndall also perform as the duo Loretta Jett from time to time. The pair perform ’80s hits from the likes of Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Motley Crue, Pat Benatar and many more. Wilson’s stage attire is as much of a throwback as that music. She oftens refers to her style as “bell bottom country” on Instagram. For something where the meaning is a little more apparent, think Lee Ann Womanck meets Janis Joplin. Wilson is often seen sporting a pair of the vintage-style pants and wore a couple different pairs in her “Workin’ Overtime” video, which premiered on CMT earlier this year.

Watch it below.

Listen To More Lainey Wilson

Around the same time Wilson released her video to CMT, she also released a six-song EP. I highly recommend “Waste Of Good Whiskey”, which the guys over at Whiskey Riff loved, “Breaking Your Heart”, which she co-wrote with Tyndall and Katie Austin, and “Middle Finger”. “Overtime” and ‘Dreamcatcher” are also featured on the EP, as is “Microphone”, which she co-wrote with Asian Freeman and Ross Ellis, who has an infectious hit of his own with “Home For The Weekend.” Freeeman also produced the EP.


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